Named by Jamie jeans

It’s been a while since I last blogged now. It has been a busy period with a lot of work and a lot at home as well. I’ve also started my running again and it obviously takes time too. Time that I no longer spend with the sewing machines.
But that does not mean I do not sew. Because I do. But I still need to get better when it comes to taking pictures of the results.

For some time now, I’m incredibly fascinated by the 40′s.
Yet I put the scissors in a jeans fabric, sewing a pair of tight black jeans from the pattern ”Named by Jamie”. The model is quite simple and I got to my neatest fly so far. Practice Makes Perfect!
But – the pants are too big. I will definitely draw a model less and make another try.
The fabric was really stretchy and it affected the size more than what I had anticipated.

To make the jeans a little more ”retro” I made them a little shorter than I usually do. I really liked that and will definately do that with the next pair as well. And yes, better photos will be published!



SWAP blouse

Wow, this pattern is so easy and so pretty! It’s the New Look 6140 and since it turned out so well I made three different items in a week. One in black, one in white and this one, which at the moment is my favorite!


The only thing is that the neckline is a bit to big, I think. I will probably try to make it a bit smaller and see how that turns out.

The blouse has bust darts and fish darts in the back, but no darts for the waist. The arm has a little puff and the neckline is sewn with a band on the bias round the opening. Easy peasy and so decorative. This time of year I have to wear something underneath with sleeves or a cardigan on top, but I’m looking forward to using my blouses in the summertime!


Vintage knitting patterns

Oh, I’m in love! I’ve been looking for vintage knitting patterns or vintage looking patterns for a couple of days and I just found this one:


Wendy, who runs the site, have collected free patterns with focus on knitting, but one can find patterns for sewing and crochet too.

I can’t stop dreaming about a 40s cardigan, since I’m all into that style right now. Not really what one think when looking at the skirt below, but I consider myself pretty flexible!



Mary – a very mini skirt

Believe it or not, I have made this skirt quite a lot longer than on the pattern. It’s from the Swedish book ”Sy! Urban collection” that I have referred to many times earlier, but in Swedish. The book is very popular here and it’s no wonder. It’s a great book in every way!

The fabric is a bit stretchy and makes the fit more or less perfect. I’ve also made the waistband higher, and that works perfectly for my figure.


I’m not the type of girls who wears leopard prints, but when in blue, I might be after all. But to be honest: on part of me likes this look and the other one is totally scared and think it looks a bit to cheap. Perhaps not the skirt I would wear when visiting my mother-in-law…

Anyway, it fits my other SWAP items pretty well!


More SWAP stuff

Here is one favourite and one not so much… The hoodie with short sleeves was a big hit and has fastly grown to be a favourite! Perfect with both pants and skirts, but perhaps not so much with a dress. I think it’s the lack of long sleeves that make it a bit more ”pretty” than it would have been with long sleeves. Now I don’t hesitate to wear it at work.


The top on the right is so almost prefect, but not quite. I think I have to make the neckline a bit wider to make this top better. It’s hard to see on the photo, but it has a draped neckline and I keep it together with a pin with red stones. Very pretty, but not perfect. It had sleeves to begin with, but something about that didn’t work, so I took them off and it’s better now.


I haven’t worn this dress yet. It’s from New Look 6000 and I have sewn it before, here. That dress is a little bit too big, and since I made this one in a jersey, I redraw the pattern completely. As you see, the side has darts that create a nice shape and it was fun to use a fabric with stripes. However, it did not really turn out like I had expected, but I think this will be a favourite dress in time.


Jeans again

I just love my jeans! I had them on yesterday and even if I’ve been using them quite a lot lately, they stay great in shape and are looking really good!


The jeans I’ve been sewing earlier have not had a zipper in the front or belt loops. These do and I like it so much. Apart from some minor changes I won’t make the next pair much different.


SWAP – my favourite project!!

A while ago, I started to take Craftsy-classes online. I fell in love immediately and have learned a lot already. One of the classes was ”Sewing designer jeans” by Angela Wolf. I just love working with denim fabrics and have loved sewing jeans like pants, but I have not had the courage to sew a ”real” pair of jeans.

Now however, was the perfect time. I had black, non-stretchy fabric and I designed a pair of my own, based on my personal basic pants pattern. And I am soooo happy with the results!


However, there are some fitting issues. The back is a bit baggy and I showed this picture to Angela Wolf online and she wrote:

”your jeans really look great! Love the stitching!

So the wrinkles you are talking about:
diagonal wrinkles mean too loose and horizontal wrinkles mean too tight – you have a weird combo of both :)
I would start by extending the center back crotch curve out a little – but changing the curve of the inseam will help as well.
You are so close to perfection – although do you want the bad news … unfortunately our shapes change all the time … So, keep changing each pair a little and know you will keep changing. But won’t you agree that sewing your own designer jeans is a bit spoiling; perfect fit, your own design, bragging rights, and so much easier on the pocket book :)”

I am so flattered by her comments! Right now, I am working on underwear, but quite soon I will re-draw my pattern and do some adjustments and make another pair.

More pics of the jeans above will come!


SWAP – How it all started

My unplanned SWAP started out with this skirt. The fabric is from a second hand store and even if I didn’t really like it that much to start with, I fell more and more in love with it during the sewing process.swap1

I made pockets, decorated with a small cotton lace. I was very saticfied with the look of it and decided to use the lace at the bottom of the skirt as well. I had exactly the right length – only an inch left when I was done.

The bolero is a knitting project I was working on during the summer. It’s a perfect item for working in the library during the winter. It’s made from a nice wool yarn that doesn’t itch. Or at least not that much.

The black top is also something that I made during my unplanned SWAP. It’s a raglan viscose top with an irregular collar that turned out pretty good.

This is an outfit that is perfect when I’m working. I don’t wan’t to look too fancy, but not too casual either.


SWAP – Sewing With(out) A Plan

I didn’t plan a SWAP at all. I just felt that I had to sew with fabric I had at home and not buy anything new. So I decided to sew at least five garments before I could shop any new fabrics.
I started the project and before I knew it, a kind of collection began to grow. I started out with a skirt and a black sleeveless top, then another skirt that could use the same top and after that, another black top, with sleeves this time.

Four garments and I was only getting started. So I decided no shopping until eight garments was finished. And then ten. I am working on item number ten at the moment and I still can think of several more things I can make before I have to go to the store.

swapFrom the beginning, I had not planned for this at all. I had at least four dresses in my head and now, almost ten garments later, none of the dresses has been sewn, but instead a fifth one!

This collection is looking more or less perfect for me at this time. My final garment is a white blouse, that also might be the start for a more spring inspired new collection. Because believe it or not, springtime is getting closer!

I will present the items closer in the days to come.


A little bit of Joan

I just love Mad Men, more or less like everyone else. Joan for instance, say no more. She is beautiful, she has curves and she showed them off. I am not the only one inspired by her.



With her character in mind I draw this skirt from a basic skirt pattern, based from my personal measures. I made a so called mermaid skirt and since it is tight and all the way up to my waist, I kinda feel a bit ”retro”. The red color is very ”Joan” and it’s perfect with this black and red top.

It does require heels. Of course.

Jag älskar Mad Men och det var Joan som inspirerade till den här kjolen. Jag ritade en sjöjungfrukjol baserad på mina egna mått och den får mig verkligen att känna mig kurvig och kvinnlig. Den svartröda draperade toppen till blir perfekt.

Ett par skor med klack och det blir perfekt.